B-movie Legend Roger Corman Wants to See Your Quarantine Film

Take the #CormanChallenge

The 94-year-old director issued a call on social media to A-list directors and wannabe filmmakers alike to make short movies for what he’s calling “the first (and hopefully last) Corman Quarantine Film Festival.”

“We’re looking for the next great film director,” Corman explained in a video filmed in his backyard in Los Angeles, noting that “a surprising number of Academy Award-winning film directors have started with me.”

The criteria for submissions, as outlined by Corman, are simple. The films, which can be about “anything you can imagine,” must be less than two minutes. They must be shot in or around your home. (“The cast can be your family or whoever is in your house with you.”) And the only equipment allowed is “your cellphone and the lights and lamps you have at your house. “

Corman will accept submissions via social media for the next two weeks with the hashtag #CormanChallenge. Once a winner is selected, Corman will make a trailer for the film and its director will receive “a signed certificate from me as well as a best picture award for the first and last Corman Quarantine Film Festival.”

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