Our frequently asked questions


All bar coded vouchers are issued as single tickets. If you order more than one ticket, every ticket must be printed or shown on phone for entry (if you have ordered x 4 tickets you will get 4 vouchers – each has a different barcode).


SFF vouchers should be scanned for General Admission entry between times specified on voucher.


Tickets are for General Admission/Standing and no special requests can be considered.


Only the first scan of the barcode on your ticket will be allowed entry. No readmissions Each ticket has a separate barcode – you must print or have on phone to show all tickets.


If more than one copy were to arrive, the barcode scanner will alert the attendant that the ticket has already been scanned.


For occasional checks the purchaser’s name appears on each ticket so ticket holder please bring ID in the name on ticket.  


SFF vouchers/tickets are non transferable and ID may be requested in same name as on ticket.


Our West End Listings are always available here

However our theatre club is where we get members only VERY special offers which are sent by email.



We do have some events 

Just sign up to become a member!   All our members get the opportunity of filling seats – we just ask that you check our etiquette and discretion notes

We email our members with our complimentary ticket offers.  There will be a small non-refundable admin charge but the tickets are free!


We do occasionally put offers on the SFF Hub but as we are have to keep offers discrete this is only if the promotor requests it or if its the kind of event people travel for such as festivals.


To see whats on the Hub log into your account and look at SFF Hub.

You dont!  We have no control over what seats are available – we have had front row tickets for premieres and mosh pit tickets!   We are seat fillers, so our job is to fill empty seats – wherever they may be!


It is very important to note that we cannot specify where seats will be and no special requests can be accommodated – we simply give out tickets available on first come, first served basis.


Usually if booked as a group these will be seated together but again, we cant guarantee this

Anywhere and everywhere!   We work with venues all over the UK from stadiums/arenas to over the pub gigs.   We just try and make sure that we only offer things that will appeal to a good number of our members.

Because the venue makes money by selling tickets, and you have received them free of charge!  Its that simple.   Help us to get more tickets by being discrete about where you got tickets – but do talk about what you have seen!

Ticket numbers vary depending on the event, but they can be from a minimum of 2 tickets to a maximum of 6 tickets.

In the Offers email you receive, each event will have a ‘book here’ button.  Follow the steps to book your SFF vouchers. 


You can print them out or have them on your smart device to show at the venue.  You will generally exchange your SFF vouchers for actual tickets at the Venue Box Office.



Since Covid E-Tickets have become more used so it may be that we send you a venue link to download your own tickets.  


On some occasions ticket collection will be from an alternate location, not the Venue, but we will let you know in the Offer email and T&Cs.

Yes, please do encourage your family and friends to apply for membership. 

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you do NOT discuss SFF or what you paid for your tickets whilst at an actual event.  You might be lucky enough to get top shelf tickets next to people who’ve paid hundreds of pounds. Keep your secret to yourself to avoid any upset. 

Nope, there is no membership fee. You will only be asked to pay a small non-refundable admin fee for the events you book to attend.

Nope, there is no minimum or maximum length of time for membership.  You can stay a member for as long as you like, or cancel your membership at any time with no penalties.

PLEASE NOTE: We do reserve the right to revoke membership at any time if members are not abiding by our terms and conditions and code of conduct.

If you are unable to attend we ask that you cancel your tickets as soon as possible so other members can benefit from the tickets.  Failure to cancel / non-attendance could result in membership being revoked.

If you have booked West End tickets through our theatre tickets site, you would contact Encore for support:

Call:  0207 492 5397 and quote SFF Theatre Club

or email them



If you have booked to attend an SFF Event you would contact SFF Help Desk for support:

Contact: help@showfilmfirst.com

No. Here’s why.
When you book tickets, the pop up asks you to confirm that you understand that the admin fee is not refundable!
Our admin fee covers the setting up and providing of tickets.
This is not a quick, easy job.  Starting with talking to promoters or venues to work out how we can help, agreeing numbers and timings, setting this up on our website, creating an invite, selecting suitable recipients from our memberships database, collating responses and reporting back to the venue.  When required, sending a rep to venue.  Sending reminders to our members and updating any information that changes.  Preparing and sending the guest lists to the venues.  Collating feedback after an event and sending this to the venue.
If for any reason the event is cancelled by the venue, we take the hit and refund all admin fees.
However, if members cancel and ask for a refund, we can only do this if the member closes their account.
We hope this makes sense – it’s the same principle that most ticketing companies take, except they usually charge a lot more!
The reason we have tickets is to ensure that seats are filled.  Members that take tickets but do not use them or cancel, will have membership revoked.

Often people email to say their friend had an offer that they haven’t received, or that they saw something in a magazine that they haven’t been offered.  We can’t offer everything to everyone!

Media Partner Tickets: Film Distributors arrange for preview tickets to be offered via certain media partners. In this case we are simply the ticketing mechanic they use. We have no control over the tickets, which the distributors hope will go to the readers of the media running the promotion.
If such tickets aren’t all distributed the distributor may ask us to offer tickets to our members.
Targeted Audiences or Research Screenings: For some film previews, distributors specifically ask us to invite particular demographics or to only invite people from limited geographical locations. This will be the distributor’s decision, based on whose opinions they want on the film or where the film may be playing.
Shows or events not offered to all: If we have just a few tickets for an event that would appeal to a wide number of our members, or even a specific audience, but we have too many members that fit the brief, we run an automated selection of who the invites go to first. This automatic selection process ensures a fair, unbiased selection.

Its like a lucky dip on the lottery – you can’t be sure you will always win!  But you have to be in it to win it!

To keep our system fair to all our members, our site will only allow each member to use each ticketing link once.   Therefore if you have used it once, you can’t go back and use it again.  We offer as many as reasonable, within the maximum agreed with the venue – usually between 2 and 4.  If you want more people to have tickets, why not get them to sign up and they can get their own allocation?!
Some offers are very popular and go fast. Do keep trying if it’s something you really want to see – if anyone cancels their tickets, they will be made available on the link we sent you, so it worth checking again.

Always check your voucher for information.  When we first started it was essential to print your voucher but, particularly since Lockdown, e-tickets are now the preference.  Most venues are happy to accept tickets on smart phones. We send a guest list to each venue in advance, so you should be on the list.

However, BarCoded tickets MUST BE DOWNLOADED.  They can be printed or scanned on your phone and don’t forget, each barcode admits only one person, so if you have ordered x4 you need to download all x4 for entry.

All SFF Vouchers can be found by logging into your account and clicking on ‘View My Tickets’.

Unfortunately, we do not hold your details on our database once you have unsubscribed.  You will simply need to visit the site and re-sign up. Link to re-join: www.showfilmfirst.com

Like everything else we are constantly updating our site and there are occasionally glitches.  If you can’t reset or find your account – try re-registering.  If it says you already have an account, email us with this info and we will delete the account so that you can re-register.

We are all very good friends and we talk a lot!
Seeitfirst is about films. The distributors preview films early to spread the word early.  It is a separate site to showfilmfirst.com, but many people are signed up to both and we do share offers.
Showfilmfirst.com is about shows and events. It is for seat filling.
WeTicketIt is a platform that shares special offers on all kinds of events.
Encore is a West End Theatre ticketing agency and we try to get special offers for our members from them.